Crucea Farm is situated 55 km from Constanta and 29 km from Hirsova on E60 in Crucea Village.

It has specialists and has the necessary equipment for cultivation, maintenance and harvesting crops as following:

Fruit Trees

  • Plum tree – 37 ha;
  • Apricot tree – 39.23 ha;
  • Peach tree – 26.77 ha;
  • Quince tree – 2.12 ha;
  • Almond tree – 55.63 ha;
  • Strawberries – 0.35 ha;
  • Cherry tree– 16.66 ha.

Fruit tree orchards are serviced by 9.3 hectares of service roads. Fruit-growing farm also owns 33.2 ha of land in preparation for the new crops.

Vine – table

  • Cardinal – 4 ha;
  • Victoria – 5 ha;
  • Centenial – 4.51 ha;
  • Muscat d’Alexandrie – 3 ha;
  • Muscat Hamburg – 3.49 ha.

To develop table vine crops Crucea Farm also owns 33 ha of land in preparation for the new crops.

Vine – wine

  • Merlot – 5 ha;
  • Syrah – 5 ha;
  • Feteasca Alba – 10.96 ha;
  • Chardonnay – 9.2 ha;
  • Pinot Noir – 4.55 ha;
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – 6.25 ha;
  • Muscat Ottonel – 1 ha.

Overall Crucea Farm covers about 370 hectares of rural land, cultivated land as mentioned above, ground operations or in the growth pipeline to ensure the development of various cultures.

Support buildings

The farm has a total of 18 buildings of which 3 agricultural type (stable, hay storage, silo) disposed on 5200 square meters; 1 pumping station disposed on 955 sqm; and 14 social and administrative buildings disposed on 22,000 square meters (accommodation, canteen, workshops, warehouses, office spaces). All existing buildings have been renovated and modernized, now they are optimal for the activity of a farm. Support buildings exceeds the value of Euro 1,200,000.

We are proud of our refrigerated warehouse in a perfect condition, worth over 200,000 Euro achieved with  E.U. support.

Machinery and equipment

Crucea farm has a variety of tools and equipment provided in the technological flow, establishing processes such as deployment, maintenance and harvesting orchards and vine in optimal conditions.

Also, the farm has refrigerated vans that can ensure the distribution of fruits in the best conditions.


To overcome dry periods of the year, Crucea farm holds a technological flow of crop protection. Thus, most of the crops are irrigated by using the pumping station and relying on own wells (drilled). Also, on 5.8 ha of the land Crucea farm belongs were built three dams for collecting water for irrigation, investment valued at over 220,000 euros.